Wheatley’s Eyebrows

Uh Oh

Far from simple is the corner (albeit a round corner) that I have backed myself into regarding the eyebrows.

Its difficult to put it into words, and difficult to capture pictures from the solid model that convey the issues at hand.

Simply put, I didn’t leave myself enough volume to build a proper mechanism.



  • Redesign body to be larger
  • expand body in places to allow for a mechanism
  • contract face and eyelids
  • use a pull/pull mechanism with “spyder wire” fishing line around the shaft(most likely at this point)
  • a level arm on a rocker riding on the shaft
  • a gear on a rocker riding on the shaft

Other Eyebrow Notions

They must be linked, from left to right, and I will do this inside the external portion of the handlebar. They also need to be detachable so the halves can come apart, and linked so that when the drive eyebrow moves, the driven one follows smoothly.

8/2/2012 9:00 am

Crisis averted… I hope.

This is the basic idea: Spiderwire enters and exits through the Cable Exit Channel. It will be fixed to the handlebar somehow. likely a hole perpendicular to the shaft, and a little glue (ignore threaded hole…) To build the assembly, the wire will be affixed to the handlebar, and the loose ends will be threaded through the body, out the exit channel, and later tied to a drum on the servo. When the handlebars are inserted into the body, the spiderwire will live in the Cable Channel For Threading.

This may be inelegant, and the diameter of the Cable Drive Channel concerns me, but it is all I got for now.

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