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I had several different notions about how to best create pivoting joints.

  • Live hinges, flexures made of plastic, would be too inaccurate
  • Monolithic creation of all pivots during growth in the SLS machine would be too innacurate
  • bearings would be really cool, but too expensive

I finally settled on making the pivots out of stock shoulder screws, and reaming out the parts to a proper fit, and relying on the porous, lubricious nature of the SLS nylon as a bearing surface.


Presently the linkages are a work in progress. Standard R/C equipment will be used wherever possible to keep costs under control, but the eyebrows are proving to be difficult, as they’re in close proximity to the eyelids.


Motors will be R/C servo motors, the kind in small aircraft, boats and cars. The smaller the better, so long as they have the torque.

Presently i am using two types. A vary small one for the eyebrows, eyelids, eye pan and tilt, and slightly larger ones for the face actuation of pan, tilt and roll.


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