The Build

Now things progress

Plastic is ordered.

Servos are ordered.

Shoulder screws and inserts are ordered.

Shoulder screw 3/8″ long, 3 of them

Shoulder screw 1/8″ long, 4 of them

Threaded Inserts 2-56. Will hold a thread better than plastic.


how shall I drive these little servos…..

Servopod, arduino…

Regarding the processor, the availability of examples for the oled display is driving me towards the Arduino. I may test with the IsoPod to get the servos up and running, but I will eventually migrate to the arduino.

Wheatley Rev I will likely be an arduino and servos running a pre-canned routines, or maybe bluetooth to a remote joystick. This will give instant satisfaction. We can develop more advanced software later.

Preliminary assembly

Clickie clickie for full size image

“Mistakes were made, others will be blamed”

Smallish issues. The shells were overlapping in the model, had to do a little X-acto work.

Bought too few shoulder screws.

Eyelids are rubbing somewhere.

The main post that rotates the face is a little dodgy.

The body is thin and flexible.


The thin shims that I printed came out ok.

Its effing Wheatley!!!

Everything looks like it is going to work exceptionally well.


The face supports the eyes and eyelids

The main structural piece

The eyelids

internal pieces- eye gimbal-face see saw-main yoke post

some guts

more guts

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