TrashCam II

The original purpose of the trashcam was to test out a few ideas I had, without involving a lot of fabrication. I liked the result, and now I am going to embark on making the thing nicer to use.

Getting rid of the trash can housing will be crucial. it is big and heavy. Cool, but impractical.

I have picked up some Russian lenses on ebay.

  • Telemar 400mm f6.3
  • Industar 300mm f4.5
  • Industar 210mm f4.5

as well as a Cambo 8×10 view camera front standard.

Here are some representational images gacked from Ebay.

The Telemar 400 f56
The Industar 300 f4.5
The Industar 210 f4.5

I will be making my own bellows, but I am not sure on the construction technique.

Here is the front standard.

It has rise/fall, shift, swing and tilt. I don’t necessary plan on using them, but it provides a convenient means of attaching a bellows in a removable way via an interlock mechanism.

Cambo front standard

There will be an intermediate standard of my own construction to hold a digital camera, and a 3rd standard, either from an 8×10 or larger camera, or of my own construction, to hold a piece of gatorboard with a retro-reflective coating to increase efficiency.

Why all this trouble?

Large format lenses need long focal lengths for even a “normal” field of view. These lenses need large apertures to be efficient. Large apertures are neat from a geometric perspective.