My Cameras

I thought it would be fun to show some of my cameras, and what I like/don’t like about them.

Where I haven’t made a page, the links will take you to the camera wiki or other relevant¬† links.

Fujifilm X-T2

I Like the Fuji cameras, I like their menus, I like their sensors.

A neat features is that the ISO, Shutter and APERTURE all have auto mode settings rather that setting the camera in specific modes like Aperture priority.

I also have an X-30 which is my carry around camera.

Sony A6000

Sony processing and lenses look to scientific for me, but I like this camera for vacations. It is light weight and the little zoom I have performs well.

Toyo 4×5 folding camera

It looks cool, 4×5 slows you down and really makes you think.

Agfa Isolette

Charming camera from ~WWII era.

Bronica GS1

A funny story there, ask me about it sometime.

Olympus PEN

I have more PEN bodies than I know what to do with. OK performance in good light, not a fan of the zoom lenses available. Great for a lightweight camera.